Executor Services

The list of tasks needed to be performed by the executor of an estate is extensive and these need to be dealt with during a very difficult time, coping with the loss of a loved one. Often just the thought of being responsible for the administration of the estate can be overwhelming, confusing and extremely stressful. This situation can be compounded if you are from out of town! We can help shoulder some of that burden.

We can be there to help identify and sort personal and household items as laid out in the will. We can pack and ship items as required. We are in contact with professionals who can evaluate, sell or dispose of the remainder of the assets and properties.

We can help with a variety of tasks from filling in forms for the insurance companies and Government Agencies to cancelling credit cards, locating inventory and documents or coordinating the Tax preparation. We can also help by offering many of the services available from our Concierge Services.