About 4Lifes

In a small rural village, there was a large old brick house which had been home to a large family with seven children since 1918. Over the years the children grew up and left the nest leaving behind not just the treasured memories but all the “stuff” that accumulates over time in any home. One of the seven children, an aging sister who never married bought the house and continued to live in it. Her extended family members tried to convince her to sell the house and move to a senior’s retirement community. She had always managed on her own and still felt she was capable of managing and was for the most part she was successful. She accomplished much of this by closing off large portions of the house and living in it as though it were a much smaller more manageable apartment.

Unfortunately she fell and after a lengthy stay in a hospital where they discovered serious heart problems, she was transferred to a nursing home. Three of her nieces and nephews were left to deal with the situation. This entailed convincing her to sell the home, cleaning out the memories, dispersing the contents and dealing with the real estate agents, insurance brokers, lawyers and family members. These tasks stretched out over several years and there were always dissenters who thought it was too slow, too fast or not the way I would have done it. They were left to shoulder the emotional toll that it takes on the family left to dealing with mess left behind. We understand the sadness and burdens families that are left to “clean up” have to deal with as we are those nieces and nephews.

At 4Life’s Transitions we have lived through your situation and have firsthand knowledge of the requirements, pitfalls and solutions. 4Life’s Transitions will oversee and coordinate every detail for you or your loved one to complete the transition on your behalf. We will stay in contact with you and insure that all decisions are approved before we proceed. The 4Life’s Transitions consultation team will complete the entire transition with compassion and a complete understanding of each situation.